Roland Langrock

Statistics and Data Analysis Group
Department of Business Administration and Economics
Bielefeld University
Universitätsstraße 25, 33615 Bielefeld, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 521 106 4879

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Academic career

Since 10/2015 Professor of Statistics and Data Analysis at Bielefeld University
2011-2015 Postdoc/Lecturer in the statistics group at the University of St Andrews
2008-2011 PhD in economics at the University of Göttingen
2003-2008 Undergraduate studies of mathematics at the University of Heidelberg

Personal biography

I was born 1983 in Han(n)over, Germany, where I also spent my childhood and youth. After finishing school in 2001, I did my one-year civilian service as a carer for the elderly, and spent a couple of months cycling 10,000 kilometres from Germany to Nepal. In 2008, I married Andrea Langrock, changing my surname which had been Solecki previously. We have three children, Johann (born in 2010), Hendrik (born in 2012) and Thea (born in 2017). Hendrik has a rare genetic disorder, the 5p- syndrome, which renders our daily life with three kids even more challenging than it would be anyway. I still love to cycle (though it's now many years ago that I did my most recent longer trips, e.g. in Morocco and around the Baltic Sea), and welcome any chance to play football, ultimate frisbee or Doppelkopf.

Professional duties