Roland Langrock

Statistics and Data Analysis Group
Department of Business Administration and Economics
Bielefeld University
Universitätsstraße 25, 33615 Bielefeld, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 521 106 4879

News About me Research Teaching

  • July 2019 – I was a guest editor of a METRON special issue on HMMs

  • June 2019 – I gave a keynote talk at an NCSE workshop in Edinburgh

  • June 2019 – Paper accepted at METRON on flexible (effectively nonparametric) estimation of HMMs for count data

  • May 2019 – Paper accepted at Methods in Ecology and Evolution on multi-scale modelling of behavioural time series data

  • March 2019 – Paper accepted at Scientific Reports on interactions between grey seals and commercial fishing activity

  • December 2018 – In a new preprint, we discuss distributional regression methods for cost-optimal demand forecasting in e-grocery

  • November 2018 – I gave a talk in the interdisciplinary statistics seminar series of the Universities of Marburg and Gießen

  • September 2018 – In a new preprint, we investigate whether highly-skilled individuals really do choke under pressure

  • September 2018 – We gave two HMM workshops, at Bielefeld University and in High Wycombe (UK), respectively

  • August 2018 – Paper accepted at Statistical Modelling on match-fixing warning systems in football

  • May 2018 – Paper accepted at Movement Ecology on foraging strategies of reef sharks

  • May 2018 – I am now a member of the Research Centre for Mathematical Modelling (FSPM2) at Bielefeld University

  • March 2018 – In a new preprint, we investigate a potential hot hand effect in darts

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